Lost Pet Mailing

Have you a lost dog, lost cat, or other lost pet?
Let us help you!

Dear Pet Owner,

You are here because someone very dear to you is lost. We're here because we can help. If you have a missing pet, the most important thing you need to do is get the word out to as many people as soon as possible!

"There is really only one secret to finding a lost dog - find the person that last saw your dog. The more people that know your dog is lost, the more likely you are to find your dog!"

A picture is worth a thousand words and our mailing service can spread the word to help find your pet.

In five minutes you can give us the information we need to create postcards to help find your lost pet. We will take care of the entire mailing and have the postcards delivered within 3-4 days to every address near where your pet was last seen! Time is very important to you right now.

Add thousands of eyes to your search and enlist the letter carriers in your area today! Your pet may be with someone who has taken it in assuming it was a stray. Many families will keep animals for several days before taking them to a shelter. Now is the time to send a postcard or lost pet flyer to every home in the area. We set up this program so we can put from 1,000 to 5,000 lost pet postcards in the mail ... tomorrow.

Lost Cat

There is no mailing service quite like ours ... and that is exactly why we are doing this -- to help you in a way no one else can. You might also consider other information linked on our lost pet resources page to help you with other aspects of your lost dog, lost cat, or lost pet search. Time is of the essence and you can rest assured that we will let everyone in the neighborhood know just how they can help!

We sincerely hope you will be reunited safely and very soon.
-The Lost Pet Cards Mailing Team